SP Reindeer Range Exclosure Sites

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Site CountSiteIDRangeSite NameSite TypeLatitudeLongitudeEcositeEcosite DescGrazing ClassOwnershipNotes
1K3KakaKakaruk-3CONTROL65.0156620-165.650207070Lichen Granitic Slope (Alpine)-1State DNR
2K4KakaKakaruk-4CONTROL64.8873500-165.809190041Shrub Meadow (Mountain)-1State DNRLat/Long off 2013 Datasheet T1Q1
3K5KakaKakaruk-5CONTROL64.8873430-165.809180070Lichen Granitic Slope (Alpine)-1State DNR
4K6KakaKakaruk-6TREATMENT64.9503660-165.983171043Low Shrub-Sedge or Low Shrub-L-1State DNR
5K7KakaKakaruk-7TREATMENT65.0031200-166.286755063-54Lichen-Sedge (Coastal Tundra) -1State DNR
6K1KakaKakaruk-1TREATMENT64.7678000-166.130720052Sedge (Wet Meadow)-1State DNRLat/Long off 2013 CPI datasheet T1Q1
7D3DaviDavis-3CONTROL64.6310700-166.022430043Low Shrub-Sedge or Low Shrub-L-1State DNRLat/Long from CPI Sampling sheet T1Q1
8D4DaviDavis-4CONTROL64.6102408-164.619699842Low-Shrub-Water Sedge or Low S-1State DNRLat Long, Ground truthed June 2013
9D6DaviDavis-6TREATMENT65.0030100-164.386310060Lichen (Tussock Tundra)-1State DNRLat/Long off the 2013 CPI Datasheet for T1Q1
10OL1OlanOlanna-1CONTROL65.4116800-165.894270042Low-Shrub-Water Sedge or Low S-1BLMLat/Long From 2013 CPI datasheet T1Q1
11OL2OlanOlanna-2CONTROL65.5246000-165.878280071Dryas Limestone Slope-1State DNRLat/Long from 2013 CPI Datasheet T1Q1 Moved from 65.5619930,-166.9602580 to present lat/long per Laurie
12OL3OlanOlanna-3TREATMENT65.3796600-166.332000071Dryas Limestone Slope-1BLMLat/Long from 2013 CPI Datasheet T1Q1
13OL4OlanOlanna-4TREATMENT65.3307300-165.795500042Low-Shrub-Water Sedge or Low S-1BLMLat/Long From 2013 CPI Datasheet T1Q1
14N3NoyaNoyakuk-3CONTROL65.4908800-165.609280061Lichen-Meadow (Mountain)-1State DNRLat/Long from 2013 CPI datasheet T1Q1
15N4NoyaNoyakuk-4CONTROL65.5314560-164.608179061Lichen-Meadow (Mountain)-1State DNR
16N5NoyaNoyakuk-5TREATMENT65.5322600-164.611620061Lichen-Meadow (Mountain)-1State DNRLat/Long from 2013 CPI datasheet T1Q1
17D5DaviDavis-5TREATMENT64.7611170-164.809595071Dryas Limestone Slope-1State DNRLaurie lists this one as 64 45.665/164 48.573
18OL5OlanOlanna-5TREATMENT65.5238200-166.699430071Dryas Limestone Slope-1State DNRLat/Long From 2013 CPI Datasheet T1Q1 Laurie lists this one at 65 31.429/166 41.966
19OL6OlanOlanna-6TREATMENT65.5255810-165.842815021Tall Shrub (Drainageway)-1State DNRLaurie list this one at 65 31.540/165 50.581
20D1DaviDavis-1TREATMENT64.8688126-165.114059443Low Shrub-Sedge or Low Shrub-L5State DNRThis point is off the Kougarok Rd, south of Salmon Lake 1 of the original 6 Sites originally labeled D8
21D2DaviDavis-2TREATMENT64.6610107-164.816711441Shrub Meadow (Mountain)5State DNRThis point is in the Casadepa Drainage One of the original 6 sites originally named DC8
22N2NoyaNoyakuk-2CONTROL65.3051400-165.713700071Dryas Limestone Slope2BLMLat/Long off 2013 CPI Datasheet T1Q1 Another alpine site, historic use evident here also. Windswept fragile site. Salix, tookpier, dryas, vaccinium, pedicularis One of the original 6 sites.
23N1NoyaNoyakuk-1TREATMENT65.2312241-165.550247255-57Cottongrass-Water Sedge (Low C4BLMGrazing Class 4 heaviest found on Noyakuk Range One of the orginal 6 sites originally named N8
24K2KakaKakaruk-2TREATMENT65.0276337-166.659011863-54Lichen-Sedge (Coastal Tundra) 4BLMATV trails almost directly here One of the original 6 sites.
25K8KakaKakaruk-8TREATMENT64.8083878-165.984115643Low Shrub-Sedge or Low Shrub-L4BLMneeds to be ground truthed one of the original 6 sites
26G1GrayPargon0.00000000.0000000-1This site was added after Summer 2018 vegetation sampling transects completed by G. Finstad and Intern Gabriel (GMSE)
27G2GrayEtchepuk0.00000000.0000000-1This site was added after Summer 2018 vegetation sampling transects completed by G. Finstad and Intern Gabriel (GMSE)