Reindeer Roundup! A K-12 Educator's Guide to Reindeer in Alaska
Circular 70: Air Transport of Alaskan Reindeer(pdf)
Circular 72: Raising Orphan Reindeer Fawns(pdf)
Circular 74: Construction & Use of a Reindeer Fawn Separator for Injury Prevention(pdf)
Circular 75: Record Keeping for Reindeer Herds(pdf)
Circular 78: Quality Assessment of Reindeer Meat(pdf)
Circular 86: Corral Design and Operation for Improved Handling Efficiency and Reindeer Safety(pdf)
Circular 87: Congenital Defects in Reindeer: A Production Issue(pdf)
Circular 94 Rev. 2001: Design for a Portable Reindeer Crush(pdf)
----Unpublished revised Design for a Portable Reindeer Crush(pdf)
Circular 96: Management and Medical Aspects of Reindeer Farming: Examining the Basics(pdf)
Circular 99: Producing & Processing Reindeer Velvet Antler (.pdf format)
Circular 100: Reindeer Calf Productivity & Survival on the Seward Peninsula, Alaska (.pdf format)
Circular 116: Model to Evaluate Potential Production and Income Responses of Reindeer Herds Under Different Management Strategies (.pdf format)
Misc. Pub. 90-4: Reindeer Health Aide Manual(.pdf format)
Bulletin 59: Eskimos, reindeer and land  (.pdf format)
Bulletin 81: Population Dynamics: An Introduction for Alaskan Reindeer Herders (.pdf format)

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Multi media

Canada's Reindeer. Inuk Films. 1981. 24 minutes.
This film is the story of the famous reindeer trek from Alaska to Canada in 1935. The Canadian government settled the reindeer in the Mackenzie Delta to improve the economic conditions of the Inuit people.

High Tech on the Tundra. Science Times. 2002. 20 minutes.
A recent film describing the herder's plight on the Seward Peninsula as they struggle to keep their reindeer from following the caribou. Features UAF Reindeer Research Program researchers and Nome area residents.

The Herd. National Film Board of Canada. 1999. 100 minutes.
This film traces the story of Andrew Bahr's drive of 3,000 reindeer over 3,000 miles from Alaska to Canada in 1935. What was supposed to take 18 months took 6 years.

The Odyssey of Captain Healy. Waterfront Sounding Productions. 60 minutes.
The story of Mike Healy, the law and order of the Alaska Territory. Captain Healy was instrumental in bringing reindeer to Alaska.

The Reindeer Queen. Waterfront Soundings Productions. 28 minutes.
&The story of Mary Antisarlook, owner of the largest reindeer herd, during the Nome gold rush.

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