Reindeer Youth Development Camp

The Reindeer Research Program is hosting a reindeer youth development camp for a selected group of young future reindeer herders August 8-13 2014. The future reindeer herders are youths aged 10-18 who live in a community or are part of a family that relies on reindeer as a way of life. This camp will give the youth hands on experience with live reindeer in a safe, low stress, controlled environment. They will learn how to minimize animal stress, do physical examinations of reindeer, and how to halter train animals which are basic necessities for an individual reindeer project. The Reindeer Youth Development Camp will offer goal setting, leadership, teamwork, composting and meat cutting sessions for youth and parents to grow personally and professionally.

This camp is being funded with a grant from The Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA).

August 2014 Reindeer Youth Development Camp Schedule

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